Lovelace [*Indie Film Alert]

Where do I begin with the film ‘Lovelace‘? First, I watched it on Netflix because it was only in select theatres for a short period of time and I didn’t get a chance to see it. Second, I think it’s rated R, but may be a little more risque than your usual rated R film. Third, it did a great job telling the story of Linda Lovelace. 

Beneath the trailer you will see a summary of the film, so all I will say is that it tells the true story of porn star Linda Lovelace aka Deep Throat. The film stars; Amanda Seyfried (Lovelace), Peter Sarsgard (Chuck – Linda’s husband), Sharon Stone, James Franco, Adam Brody, Cory Hardrict and more.

As I mentioned, the film does a great job telling the story of Linda and what I especially liked is the way the film moved from the past to the present in an evident way. It’s so good that I’m not going to spoil it for those who have yet to watch the movie. I will say that you get to see the good and the bad with a twist.

What I found most shocking about Linda’s story was the amount of time she spent in the porn industry. I thought she was this big star for decades based from what I heard when the film was released, but in reality she only did one film and was technically in the porn industry for a total of 17 days. Yet, her one film grossed more than $600 million dollars, but you will be surprised at how much money she actually made.

The story flows so well, that it never gives you a chance to be bored or get distracted. It does have its sexual scenes, but they are not to overbearing that it takes away from the cinematics of the film.

I began the movie basically knowing nothing about Linda Lovelace, but ended with a sense of respect for how she took control of her life and is now an advocate against the porn industry and domestic violence.

Besides my love for the great story telling, the films thespians deliver a dramatic transparent truth to their characters. It’s hard to imagine that this is a true story, but the thespians deliver it in such a way that makes you remember that the characters they are portraying are in fact real people.

In the end, Linda Lovelace’s story teaches us that regardless of what you’ve done in the past and/or what people may think of you, there is always opportunities to change your life around for the better.

Linda dealt with such a lot in a short period of time. As you watch the film you will be in disbelief of at how badly she is treated including by her husband who reminds me of Ike Turner. She has a very painful past that would have destroyed many, but still finds a way to triumph. 

If you have Netflix, Amazon or a location to rent/buy DVDs I recommend you do it and learn more about Linda Lovelace and her story.

In 1972—before the internet, before the porn explosion—Deep Throat was a phenomenon: the first scripted pornographic theatrical feature film, featuring a story, some jokes, and an unknown and unlikely star, Linda Lovelace. Escaping a strict religious family, Linda discovered freedom and the high-life when she fell for and married charismatic hustler Chuck Traynor. As Linda Lovelace she became an international sensation—less centerfold fantasy than a charming girl-next-door with an impressive capacity for fellatio. Fully inhabiting her new identity, Linda became an enthusiastic spokesperson for sexual freedom and uninhibited hedonism. Six years later she presented another, utterly contradictory, narrative to the world—and herself as the survivor of a far darker story.


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