Me & My Music: Naya Rivera – Sorry


Artist: Naya Rivera

Song: Sorry

I’m not a fan of the show Glee, but I’m familiar with one of its stars; Naya Rivera. Without realizing it I’ve followed her career: Family Matters, Smart Guy, Even Stevens, Bernie Mac, etc. Recently, I remembered that she recorded a song that I wanted to listen too. Well, I finally did and was really impressed. 

Unlike fans of the show Glee, I can’t compare this to her performance on the show and I really would like to see what else she will have to offer. Most of the comments were positive (minus the few comments relating to her fiance). Not to mention, the lyric video above is kind of racy. 

SORRY – For not uploading a post in such a long time, but this is a great way to return back to doing what I love. 



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