The Bling Ring [Indie Film Alert]

Over the weekend I decided to watch ‘The Bling Ring.’ You may be familiar with this film because it’s based on true events. You know how it goes: a group of kids in Los Angeles rob a bunch of celebrity homes (Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, etc.), eventually get caught and are sentenced. The film stars Emma Watson and was directed by Sofia Coppola. The script for the film was based on this Vanity Fair article

Going to watch this film I didn’t know what to expect because I already knew the plot of the film. To my surprise it was very simple and contradicted the glitz and glam that you would expect. The film raised the curtain on the life of these teens involved in ‘The Bling Ring’ in more of an artsy way. From the beginning of the film the viewer is drawn into the pace of the story. Sofia is able to capture the motivation of the teens and not spoof their crime. 

Personally, I didn’t follow the events of this crime closely. I just remember hearing about it randomly. After watching this film I now have a better understanding of the events that happened. This film also makes you understand the motivation of these teens. It wasn’t so much about stealing those items, but about living that lifestyle of the rich & famous. These teens did this because they idolized these celebrities and going into their houses allowed for them to feel closer. Although, there still is no denying that what they did is a crime. 

The film also shows that with technology and access into the lives of celebrities crimes like this that more easier. It gives us all a sense that the world is connected and wanting to be like a celebrity is easy when you have access into so much information about their lives.

Overall, I liked the film and appreciated the simplicity of how it was shot (not to mention Emma Watson’s American accent).

About the Film:

From Oscar award winning writer and director Sofia Coppola, THE BLING RING tells the story of a group of teenagers obsessed with fashion and celebrity that burglarize celebrities’ homes in Los Angeles. Tracking their targets’ whereabouts online, they break-in and steal their designer clothes and possessions. Reflecting on the naiveté of youth and the mistakes we all make when young, amplified by today’s culture of celebrity and luxury brand obsession, we see through the members of the Bling Ring temptations that almost any teenager would feel. What starts out as teenage fun spins out of control and leaves us with a sobering view of our culture today. THE BLING RING stars Emma Watson alongside incredible new talent Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, Claire Julien, and Taissa Farmiga. The film also features Leslie Mann, Gavin Rossdale, and real-life Bling Ring victim, Paris Hilton. It is based on the Vanity Fair article “The Suspects Wore Louboutins” by Nancy Jo Sales.


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