The Post-Grad PR Life: Reputation Killer

I’ve been meaning to talk about this topic, but never got around to it. Better late than never…

I was reading an article about how an actresses’ negative attitude pretty much ruined her career. This actress was a very popular, A-list tv and film actress. Then she began bashing her previous employers in the media and no one wanted to work with her. There’s a lesson to be learned for all of us.

We may not be in front of the camera, but we all have previous employers; internships and beyond. We don’t want to go on to our next role and bash our previous jobs. We also shouldn’t post things on social media about the negativity that may have come from your past.

It’s strange to me when I see a post asking for internship horror stories. Regardless of how bad that internship was I’d never want to publicly talk about it. It would just feel weird and I think that said employer could then try and talk bad about me, which could lead to me being blacklisted. A little extreme, but working in PR you always think of the worse case scenario and its possible outcome(s).

In the end, don’t ruin your reputation by behaving badly, bashing employers – to other employers or online, or just by being a terrible worker. You never know how those actions can come back to haunt you. 

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Cheers to the Post-Grad PR Life!



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4 responses to “The Post-Grad PR Life: Reputation Killer”

  1. keirena says :

    Agreed! Sometimes it can be so hard though. I’ve seen an employer write horrible things on their company blog about a previous intern (athough they didn’t name them), and that intern did the right thing and never mentioned anything about the experience on social media.

    Anyway, keep up the interesting posts!

    • davidrjolly says :

      Hi Keirena –

      Thanks for the comment! I think it can be bad both ways, for the employer and for the intern. With our online identities being so connected it can be easy to narrow down who that story was about.

      Do you like the Post-Grad series? What other topics in that series or others would you like to see?


      • keirena says :

        I agree David, it is so easy to do a bit of sleuthing and work out who they are alluding to. Our reputation is so important particularly in PR. Others see how we represent ourselves online as an example of how we would represent our clients.

        I am really enjoying your series, just keep up your great insights.


      • davidrjolly says :

        I appreciate your feedback, Keirena. In PR your reputation is everything.

        I’ll keep the post coming.

        Happy Friday!

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