Rob Kardashian Wall Street Journal Interview (Video)


Rob Kardashian sat down with Lee Hawkins for a Wall Street Journal Live interview, like that of his sisters; Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian. [See the Kardashian sisters interview here]

Rob sat down with Lee Hawkins for a 30 minute interview to talk about his business, Arthur George, a luxury sock company. His socks are currently being sold in stores like Neiman Marcus and online. 

From a branding point of view, Rob was very smart to sit down with Lee Hawkins alone to discuss his business. His business, which lacks the Kardashian name, is doing well and based from the interview Rob seems to be very involved. After all, he did graduate from USC business school.

Key Branding take-aways:

  • Rob constantly expressed that he wants to be independent from the Kardashian empire with his business
    • He named his business Arthur George (named from he and his father’s middle names, respectively)
    • He has a partner that knows the business, but Rob is involved in every aspect. 
    • He admits and is aware that this level of fame will not always be there and that’s why he’s starting to branch off
    • Rob also admits and knows that getting this business up and running has been easy because of his last name
  • Rob has other business ventures that are not mainstream
    • Production company and eventually wants a sports agency company
  • Utilizes social media
    • He and his family have a combined total of about 60 million followers on Twitter
    • He and his family do cross promote each others businesses and ventures
  • The Wall Street Journal – The Business of Celebrity
    • He’s famous, but he’s making a point to tell the world that he does work
    • He’s titled as a ‘TV Personality and Entrepreneur’
  • Know’s his stuff
    • Rob knew what he was talking about and you can tell that he wasn’t just speaking from talking points
    • The interview was very natural
    • If he continues to do interviews like these he’s on his way to building a successful Rob Kardashian empire

I’m going to continue to follow the business side of Rob Kardashian and his famous family in the coming years.



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