Motivation Moment: Surrender and Let Go

Do you ever feel like what you want is not what the “Universe” is making happen. I’m having one of those moments right now, that’s the reasoning behind publishing this post. 

I use every positive affirmation, prayer, visualization, law of attraction practice I know, but it still feels like the “Universe” is moving me in a different direction. In my mind I have a plan, but that’s not aligning with what is going on in the reality of my life. It’s in moments like these that I just surrender and let go. [*This is not giving up]

By letting go, I mean still keep your goals, but find a way to let things happen naturally instead of trying to force and make them happen. At the end of the day you really don’t have overall control and once we all surrender control, we’ll be able to live a more peaceful life. Still remain active in your life, but just breathe and let it go. 

Follow this link to learn more about letting go of control. 

Do you struggle with having to be in control?


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