Motivation Moment: Jennifer Lewis Powerful Speech Quotes

On monday, I shared Jennifer Lewis powerful yet humorous speech, so today I decided to take a couple of her quotes and use them to motivate you all to live your best life. After you’ve had a chance to watch her speak, you can probably guess the two quotes I flagged and maybe you two find these two to be great.

The first quote:

The elevator to success is broken, take the stairs. 

This particular quote is so true and really makes you take a step back and pause. If it was up to us, we would have everything we want yesterday and be living in that moment right now. Yet, Ms. Lewis reminds us that it’s important to do the work and don’t rush it. The life we want will come as long as we stay focused, work hard and be patient. So, if you are riding the elevator, get off at the next floor and take the steps. 

The second quote:

Do your best and leave the rest.

This is very straight forward. Always give all you got and everything else has to be pushed to the side in order for you to get where you are going.

What was your favorite part of her speech?


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