The Post-Grad PR Life: Business Cards Are Important

Yesterday evening I went to a PRSA networking mixer and met a bunch of great professionals in the city. Besides learning about the careers of my fellow professionals, I was able to get great advice about making the journey in public relations. 

But this post is not about all of that, instead it’s about business cards. I’ve made my business cards using Vista Print and I’m happy to report they still impress. 

I’m a big believer that it doesn’t matter if you are a new PR student or a seasoned professional, having business cards leaves a lasting impression. It helps make a good first impression and then allows for the recipients to look back and remember the face that goes with the card.

Here are five tips in regards to business cards:

  • Unless you work at an organization that gives you business cards, when you’re creating your own have someone proof it.
    • You don’t want to order 250 business cards and your name is spelled wrong or you have the wrong contact information. 
  • After someone gives me a business card I always write a quick note on it.
    • Write the date and place/event that you met the person.
    • Write something that will make you remember who they are when you go back to look at the card.
  • Check your online presence because most likely the people you meet will look you up online.
    • Learn more about having a great online presence here from an earlier post.
  • Make sure you bring enough to pass out at an event.
  • Be sure to find your new contacts on LinkedIn or email them with a friendly reminder about your meeting. 

Having business cards will make you feel professional and fit in with others you meet.

To learn more about my experiences, connect with me on LinkedIn.

Cheers to the Post-Grad PR Life!



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    I just purchased my first business cards, and I look forward to the networking opportunities ahead!

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