50th Anniversary of the March on Washington & I Have a Dream Speech

Today is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington that gave the world the most famous speech of all time. The speech that I’m speaking of was delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. and he told the world what his dream was. Do you know what speech I’m talking about?

Martin Luther King, Jr’s speech sparked a movement that is being celebrated in cities across the country today. Since I’m not participating any of the marches, I decided I would share his “I Have a Dream” speech to commemorate this special day in history. 

I obviously wasn’t there when the speech happened, but it’s great knowing that people like Mr. King were fighting for my civil rights long before I was born. If it weren’t for the brave people during the civil rights movement, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be here blogging and sharing my opinions with the world. 

This is a thank you to Mr. King and the other Civil Rights leaders and all of those nameless heroes who stood up for the rights of others. It is because of all of your courage that I can carry the torch and elicit change in the world too (no pressure), be all of who I am and live the life of my dreams. 



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