Katy Perry Genius Lyric Videos: Wide Awake & Roar

This past weekend I watched the lyric video for Katy Perry‘s latest single, Roar. After watching it I was reminded of her lyric video for Wide Awake. I usually don’t care to watch lyric videos, instead I just wait for the music video to be released. I was drawn to Katy’s lyric video for Roar because I think she does a great job in making them both creative and interesting.

The theme for Wide Awake was a Facebook timeline that shared the lyrics to the song. Very clever and a great use of current social media trends.


The theme for Roar was a group text messaging session between Katy and her friends. I really liked how she used so many different symbols to represent the words that she was singing.


I’m looking forward to the release of the music video for Roar because her videos are always done well. Also, like Wide Awake there seems to be a powerful message in the song.

Are you a Katy Perry fan?



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One response to “Katy Perry Genius Lyric Videos: Wide Awake & Roar”

  1. angelina says :

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