Motivation Moment: The Truth Shall Set You Free

You always hear people say, “the truth will/shall set you free.” As I was sitting and watching tv last night that “quote” showed in my head.

In my life, I’m all about living your best life, being authentic and transparent (which doesn’t mean you still can’t be private). This led me to sharing this post with you because I want to encourage you all to live your own truth and I need to do the same (practice what you preach). 

In the first post in my newly created series, Motivation Moment, I’m encouraging you all to be yourself. I’ve also heard and try to implement into my own life the following outlook; Are people accepting me for who they think I am (the lie) or are they accepting me for who I really am (the truth)? If it’s the lie then they don’t really know me and that’s not good. Everyone should know, like and love you for who your really are as a person.

I remember an Oprah‘s Lifeclass episode about this exact topic and it asked two questions:

  1. What secret are you sick of keeping?
  2. When are you going to free yourself by telling it?

If you have a secret or truth in your life that you are not living, find a way to release it. I can’t challenge you all to unlock your authentic self without doing the same. So, I’m going to join you in allowing the truth to set me free this week too!

I do know that once you begin to live your own truth, people may react in either negative or positive ways. We can’t predict others reactions, but only listen and acknowledge their perspective. We may not agree, but we have to be true to ourselves. When we aren’t true we are not only doing an injustice to ourselves, but to those around us.

Please join me in embracing this motivation moment by being true and setting yourself free. I know that it’s time for me to do the same… 


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