Try Something New for 30 Days – UPDATE

I can’t believe that we’ve made it to the end of the 30 Day Challenge. The challenge made us try something new, everyday for 30 days. For me that meant practicing spanish. I successfully completely the challenge by practicing spanish ever single day this month!

I’ve tried a lot of new ways of practicing spanish.

  • Online study lessons
  • Native spanish speaking partners through Skype
  • Reading elementary level spanish books
  • Writing, texting and IMing in spanish
  • Watching spanish television programs
  • Playing spanish learning games

Now that the challenge is over, I kind of feel obligated to practice spanish everyday in some form. So, the challenge proved correct in that I now am more motivated than ever to continue practicing spanish even with the 30 Day challenge coming to an end.

You can learn more about my language learning tips from an earlier blog post.

What did you do (or not do) for the 30 Day Challenge? Was it a successful 30 Days? 


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One response to “Try Something New for 30 Days – UPDATE”

  1. hello scarlett says :

    beautiful post! i’m now a follower. 🙂

    here’s my july post today:

    be sure to follow me for more!


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