How to Embed a YouTube Video into PowerPoint

I don’t embed videos into PowerPoint often, so when it’s time to do it I always seem to forget the process. I recently had to do it and I turned to the YouTube video below to remind me.

Overall it is a simple process and once I watch the video it all comes back to me, but it’s nice to know that I can turn to resources like this when I’m in a crunch. It’s a short video that walks your through the entire process.

My gift to you is this YouTube video about the best way to embed a video into a PowerPoint. You’re welcome!



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8 responses to “How to Embed a YouTube Video into PowerPoint”

  1. Arpit Daniel Das says :

    This is a great post. Now days it has really become important that you know how to insert YouTube video into your slide. This is an important piece of information. Thanks for sharing it out.
    I have been doing it for months now, but I do it bit differently. I insert YouTube videos in my presentations using a free ribbon “authorSTREAM Desktop” ( ) by authorSTREAM. The best thing I like about this ribbon is that I can insert the video onto slide without leaving my PowerPoint (I don’t have to visit YouTube website to select video I want to insert). This ribbon saves your time and it is quite easy to use.

    • davidrjolly says :

      Thanks for the comment, Arpit! There are a lot of different ways to insert a video, so thanks for sharing this way as well. I also agree that it’s important to know how to insert videos into PPT so you won’t have to leave your PPT doing a presentation to show the video.


  2. gallagherrobby says :

    Another way is to convert YouTube to PowerPoint supported format. iDealshare VideoGo, the professional YouTube to PowerPoint Converter, can easily convert all kinds of downloaded YouTube videos whatever it is in FLV, MP4 or WebM format to PowerPoint supported video format like AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG and etc. It also support convert YouTube to PowerPoint supported audio format like AIFF, MP3, WMA, WAV, AU.

  3. Simon Johnson says :

    Most of the YouTube videos are FLV files and FLV can’t be accepted by PowerPoint. It can be known from Microsoft official site that PPT supports video formats ASF, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV and audio files AIFF, MP3, WAV, WMA. To put YouTube Videos in PowerPoint, we need to download YouTube videos to embed and insert YouTube videos to PowerPoint to play YouTube videos in PowerPoint.

    I recommend you a FLV Converter named Bigasoft Total Video Converter which can successfully download YouTube video to PowerPoint and then import/add/embed/insert/put YouTube videos in PowerPoint to play YouTube videos in PowerPoint.

    Hope it can help you!

  4. Jenn Ruby says :

    Thanks for your help David….for those that aren’t a “video” person here is another place to check out….

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