The Post-Grad PR Life: Stuff PR People Do That Journalists Hate

S%#t PR People Do That Journalists Hate from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software

The above slideshare is great for all those working in public relations and have media relations as part of their job description. As I was clicking through I noticed a lot of the things I do working in media relations that annoy journalist. Yet, it’s all a part f the job; you send an email then follow up.

In the back of my mind I know that the journalist doesn’t always want to speak with me, but hey, I’m going to email/call anyways. 

One of the greatest things you should know going into a media relations position is that you are going to experience rejection. You know how they say actors and models have to have thick skin, well the same is true for media relations specialist as well. 

Pitching media for me is a lot of fun, but it’s a great challenge. You have to be persistent and possibly annoy a few journalist before you get the results you want. At the end of the day it’s up to you to make your clients happy, so do it.

The slideshare has a lot of great tips for being a better public relations professional and can help you stand out in your position.

Good luck with your media pitching!

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Cheers to the Post-Grad PR Life!



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