The Difference Between Hip-Hop Artist and Rappers

Today’s post comes courtesy of one of our Guest Bloggers; Tonnisha English….

hip hop2Music is a powerful tool that has a way of moving people to do nearly anything. From starting a revolution, to giving good vibes at a family barbeque; music has a way of bringing people together for some reason or another.

I am huge fan of many genres of music from screamo to alternative and even the occasional country song. My favorite genre of music however, is definitely hip-hop. Often the genre of “hip-hop” is misunderstood, in my opinion, by foolery that is glorified in popular culture. Hip-hop artist and rappers are two different groups of people that somehow ended up being in the same category. Despite popular belief, they are not similar at all.

A Rapper makes club hits. The songs that make people want to dance because they tend to have a fast beat with a lot of bass and a catchy hook. However, when you listen to the words, they aren’t saying anything. Most of the times they’re trying to rhyme with words that you will never find in Webster.hip hop

A Hip-Hop artist makes music for the soul; these songs tend to tell stories. The stories may be those of the artist or people they may know or have encountered. To understand an artist, you have to go back and listen to their lyrics over and over to catch every metaphor and analogy they throw at you. Their lyrics tend to have that “oooooo” effect after understanding an intricate line.

Unfortunately, it is harder for an artist to be put on in the game because people LOVE rappers! Myself included. People love club hits, people want to dance, people want to sing that catchy hook in the car with their speakers blaring and windows down. People don’t want to listen anymore. People are not excited about real music anymore and it is unfortunate.

This is not meant for you to make a decision as to whether you will from now on listen to Hip Hop Artist or Rappers, this is meant for you to be able to understand and identify the difference between the two. It is perfectly fine to listen to rappers and dance to their beats; but we cannot be blinded by the beat.

So, what do you think? Would you consider yourself a lover of Hip-Hop Artist or Rappers? Comment below and let us know what you think!


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