Indie Film Alert: Fruitvale Station – Tragic Story of Oscar Grant

This post is a follow up to my original post about the then ‘Coming Attraction: Fruitvale Station

Over the weekend, Fruitvale Station opened in limited release and of course I joined the sold out crowd to be one of the first to see this film. Fruitvale surely didn’t disappoint, but it being based from actual events made it hard to swallow.

Just a warning before you go see the film; you know what’s coming (the story remains unpredictable), but that still doesn’t prepare you emotionally for what happens after Oscar Grant III was shot by a police officer. The story takes place all on the day leading to that homicide and shows one crucial flashback that perfectly moves the story along.

When recreating actual events as emotional and depressing as this could be easy to ruin. Fruitvale did not have that problem. The film pulled at your heart-strings and there will surely be a lot of wet eyes leaving the film.

Actual footage from the incident reminds you that this is not your typical film and this story is not just actors portraying characters. The actors bring to life those who lived  that day back in 2009.

In the course of one day, the audience is able to follow Oscar as he tries to turn his life around, continue to be an amazing father, be a great son and enjoy New Years Eve.

This story was brought to life by an amazing cast and crew and is a must see film.

Fruitvale Station opens nationwide on July 26, 2013!

“We are all Oscar Grant” –  Oscar Juliuss Grant III, February 27, 1986 – January 1, 2009 – He was 22 years old at the time of his death, leaving behind his mother, girlfriend and daughter. 


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