Talks with TED: Giving & Receiving Praise

In this short TED Talks, speaker Laura Trice stresses the importance of the words “Thank You.” I was always taught to say, “thank you.” Trice then adds that you should expect others to offer you their praise for what you do as well. If they are not saying “thank you” or offering praise then you should have the courage to ask for it. 

Asking someone to say “thank you” is not something you should be afraid to do. If you believe you are owed a “thank you” then ask for it. A person may not know that you are feeling that way unless you say something.

For me this is all about giving and receiving gratitude. I believe it’s important to keep the flow of gratitude open. Show gratitude with your words and you can even have an entire journal dedicated to writing what you are thankful for.

Take a look at the speech by Laura Trice and you can “Thank Me” later….



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