Jennifer Lopez and the Turkmenistan Performance Scandal

Jennifer Lopez has had her fair share of controversy in her long career and her latest comes at a time when scandals seem to be all over the news (Paula Deen ring any bells?).

Jennifer’s scandal was all over the news on Monday and I thought that it would slow down, but it’s still making headlines. The scandal in question; Jennifer Lopez performing for the leader of Turkmenistan. This is a  scandal because there are human rights issues going on in the country and many believe that she shouldn’t have performed. 

Ms. Lopez released a statement stating that if she knew there were human rights issues in the country she would have never agreed to perform. To read more about this scandal, click here, here and here

The reason I find this story so interesting is because of a question I heard at the end of one of the news reports; Will this performance damage the Jennifer Lopez brand?

My answer: No, this scandal will not damage the entertainers brand.

Here’s why I think her brand is safe:

  • Beyoncé, Usher, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson all performed for dictators. It made headlines and was forgotten until the next celebrity makes the same mistake.
  • She quickly apologized by releasing a statement. She admitted her wrong and we most likely will hear of her donating her reported $750k – $1.5million paycheck to charity. 
  • She recently received a star on the walk of fame, has a popular song with Pit Bull, a successful fashion line at Kohl’s and a movie career. Not to mention her love life with her much younger man, her twins and that ex husband of hers; Marc Anthony. 
    • Her career and personal life will serve as a distraction from this scandal eventually. 
  • Paula Deen, Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman, Aaron Hernandez, NSA leak, etc.
    • There are a lot of other stories to keep the press busy.
  • She’s Jennifer Lopez and has dealt with controversy and scandals. 

Unless Jennifer does something to add fuel to this already settling fire it will be over with and out of the press by next week. 

What do you think, will this harm the Jennifer Lopez brand?




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