San Francisco Gay Pride 2013

Annual Gay Pride ParadeThis past weekend was PRIDE WEEKEND in San Francisco. San Francisco Gay Pride is like no other. This was the first time I’ve participated in a gay pride celebration, but after this weekend it will not be my last.

I believe there were several events on Friday, but I rested up after work because I knew that I was going to participate on Saturday and Sunday. 

On Saturday, the festival took place at the Civic Center/City Hall area of town. It was jam-packed with festival goers. The LGBT community was represented as well as the Heterosexual community. There was no H8te from what I saw. It was just one big party where everyone danced, ate, partied and celebrated who they are regardless of their sexuality.

That lasted all day and it was a lot of fun meeting new people.

Then on Sunday, the event everyone was waiting for; The Pride Parade. I arrived at 10am (to get a spot right in front). Shortly after me the crowds smashed in to get a good view of the parade that started on time at 10:30am. This parade was so fun, interesting, entertaining and long. It lasted for about 5 hours or longer.

Following the parade I made my way (with my bag full of free parade swag) back to the festival area and enjoyed some good music and the people of San Francisco Gay Pride 2013

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Annual Gay Pride Parade GAY PRIDE PARADE GAY PRIDE PARADE Annual Gay Pride Parade GAY PRIDE PARADE Annual Gay Pride Parade


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