Kmart: I Just Ship My Pants

kmart-logo1-450x337The other day I had the tv on, but wasn’t really paying attention. Until the Kmart commercial about shipping pants from inside the store began to play. I quickly looked up from what I was doing because I had to listen closely  to know what they were saying. After realizing that it was simply a play on words I had to give Kmart two thumbs up for its creativity.

For a brand like Kmart it is important that it find ways to remain relevant in a market that is ever-changing. For me, this commercial is making Kmart more appealing to a market that may have previously ignored it. Like me others will not be watching the television when the commercial airs, but the sound bites will surely grab their attention. 

Only time will tell as for the future of this store, but I’m interested in seeing where it goes in terms of branding. I’ve heard and seen commercials about Kmart having stylish clothes and even clothing collections from Disney Channel stars.

If Kmart is ready to regain the audience that may have been fleeting it is going to have to keep rebranding. The commercial was a great start, but it may have to rebrand its look and continue to have items that will reach its audience.  It’s a family store and Kmart needs to drive that message home.


Do you shop at Kmart?


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