Speech of the Week: Kerry Washington at George Washington University

*Via abcnews.go.com

*Via abcnews.go.com

This weeks speech comes from one of my favorite actresses. She’s the star of the popular series, Scandal, and I featured another one of her speeches before. I’m talking about George Washington University (GW) Alumna Kerry Washington.

The speech is a little over 15 minutes and is one of the best commencement speeches I’ve heard. Since GW is her Alma Mater it was easy for her to relate to the students and to mention local things that the graduates would understand. To make herself even more relatable before she gets to the message of her speech she states that she is just an actress, so why is she giving this speech.

Going along with the actress point of view, Kerry focused her speech on telling a story and a few stages of the hero’s journey (by Joseph Campbell). 

Here are a few points:

“You are the hero of your story. Your life is your story.”

“Story telling is essential to understand ourselves and others.”

“Write your own story.”

“Learn to answer the call.”

“Define your unique path.”

Kerry Washington’s speech was relatable and enjoyable, yet at the same time it had a powerful message that was easy to understand.

Now is your chance to see for yourself…


What did you think of her speech?


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