There are only three letters to describe my feelings about this movie, “LUV!” It stars Common, Michael Rainey Jr. and Dennis Haysbert. Luv was the ‘Official Selection at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012′ and now i know why.

I’m not a big fan of sharing the plot to the movie because I never want to ruin the experience, but here is what I have to say about the film….

The story took place in the course of about 24 hours and follows Common teaching his nephew how to be a man. The tagline to the film is, “Follow Your Hero. Or Become Your Own Man.” 

This movie was all about the acting. The camera focused on the actors face more than anything and less on the Baltimore backdrop. The emotion that each actor gives, especially that of Rainey may have you in tears. By the end you will feel the pain of the little boy. 

It is very simple in an Indie Film kind of way. I recommend watching this movie if you are a fan of excellent acting and a great story. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember if it even had any extra sound effects/music. This is a true thespian driven movie and has that independent spirit I’m looking for in a film.

Luv is a must see movie (Available on Netflix)!

Will you watch this film now after seeing the trailer?


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