Scandal 2nd Season Finale Tonight



My favorite TV show at the moment is Scandal. It stars Kerry Washington as crisis manager Olivia Pope. The show is inspired by the real-life crisis manager, Judy Smith

As a person living and breathing public relations this show instantly caught my eye and to have Kerry Washington (one of my favorite actresses) as the lead was a big help in getting me to tune in to the first episode. Let’s just say I’ve been hooked ever since (I’m a Gladiator!).

This show for me is very entertaining. It has romance, suspense, humor, drama, twist-and-turns and unbelievable moments. Not to mention the acting and story lines are on another level for a television series.

Since I’m so interested in public relations, the show teaches me how to handle a crisis. It also introduced me to Judy Smith (I’ll be reading her book soon). As I continue to navigate in my career having my own PR firm is sounding more and more like a winner.

The Season Two Finale airs tonight on ABC (check your local listing for times). In the meantime check out the trailer for the episode.


Are you a Gladiator?


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