Milky! by Tia and Tamera



Tia and Tamera are known for their roles on the 90s sitcom Sister, Sister and are now adult actresses with a very successful reality show. On top of their professional success they are now both wives and mothers. It is the role as mother that inspired them to start a company and begin their business empire with “Mama Need.”

I along with the millions who have watched their popular reality show saw the inception of their brand and its first product Milky! (a line of herbal tea for new moms to boost the quality and quantity of breast milk).

The twins created the first sample of the beverage in their kitchen, then went and had a prototype manufactured. Cameras then followed the twins as they used a focus group to test the different flavors and the eventual pitch meeting at Destination Maternity. It was Tia, Tamera, two executives, Milky! and their sales pitch. 

The pitch was successful and they just celebrated at a launch party last week. In an addition too Milky! the twins will also be launching a product called Stretchy! I know that Milky! is to help mothers produce breast milk and I’m assuming Stretchy! is for stretch marks.

UPDATE: Milky is now available at Destination Maternity stores and is available online!




In any case, it is great to know that the twins did not just slap their names on a product. From a branding perspective it was smart to not have their names as the name of the product. For anyone who is shopping and will see the packaging will not know that the product was created by Tia & Tamera (unless they read this blog). Doing this gives the brand more credibility.

It was smart for the girls to use their reality show to profile the behind the scenes look at how the product and brand was started. This proves that they were not approached by a company to do this, instead they went out and made it happen. In addition, having the twins go into a pitch meeting alone without a manager or representative shows that they are true professionals.

The name of their brand, Mama Need and its first two products, Milky! & Stretchy! are very clever and simple. The launch party generated the necessary press to remind and inform the public about their product. Both sisters are active in social media and will use that to continue to get the word spread, plus they have a very successful blog that can be used to promote their business.

Overall, I am very happy for this new business venture and the two establishing a brand outside of their day jobs. I’m going to of course keep following the two actresses/business women and will keep you posted.

What do you think of the brand Tia & Tamera are creating in the business world?  


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