Brandy and the Lesson She Can Teach Other Brands

brandy-clive-davis-and-the-recording-academy-s-2013-pre-grammy-gala-01It’s no secret that I am a fan of Brandy (and not just because we share birthdays). This past weekend I watched this behind the scenes video of her promoting her album ‘Two Eleven‘ and I was touched by her kindess, realness and general fun attitude. 

She goes out of her way to be accessible to her fans. At most album signing you expect fans to cry, but Brandy was crying more than they were because she was so moved by their support. She is relatable and generous

Besides being interesting to watch the behind the scenes action of this high profile celebrity it is nice to know that she is very down to earth. 

Here are a few lessons that other brands, be it celebrity or businesses can take from Brand Brandy:

  • Make your audience feel like they are being heard.
    • She is active on Twitter and listens to her fans when they talk to her upon meet and greet opportunities. 
  • Give your audience what they want.
    • Brandy sings her heart out on stage, but does her best to take in account what her audience would most like to hear or see from her next.
  • By creating these behind the scenes YouTube videos for free more people will be able to connect with her brand.
    • Most brands would wrap something like this up in a DVD and the public would have to go to the store and purchase it. Instead, Brandy is offering her audience high quality access into her life for free. That has to be appreciated.
    • This shows that she is in it for the love of her craft and her fans aka Starz.

The video is very entertaining and you get to learn about Brandy in a very genuine way. 


Are you a fan of the Brandy Brand?


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