Invite The Wonder Years Into Your Life

The_Wonder_YearsOn Netflix I have watched the complete Alias series and I’m now on Season 5 of The Wonder Years. I absolutely love this show. It follows the life a young Kevin Arnold and is narrated by an adult Kevin Arnold and is about his life growing up from 1968 to 1973. 

The reason why I’m blogging about this show is because of the message that can be pulled from its overall purpose. Each episode the narrator is in a way reflecting on his life as a child. Like any human who reflects on their life there are lessons to learn. It doen’t mean that you have to begin looking back at home movies of yourself and narrate on top of the sound. 

Instead, I encourage you to take time to just sit and reflect about the lessons your life has taught you. To achieve this some people may have to write it down, speak into a voice recorder or even record themselves in a video diary format. Whatever works best for you I say do it.

It’s always nice to know what the past can tell you about your present and future.


How do you like to reflect on your life?


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