The Post-Grad PR Life: 5 Tips for New Grads Entering the PR and Marketing Field

College-degreeWhen you graduate with a degree in PR or marketing you will need to be equipped with a lot of tools in order to stand out in a competitive industry. The following five tips for new grads going into their careers come courtesy of this article from PR Daily. 


  1. Create Content
    • Your ability to create compelling content is integral to your success. Content creation is not limited to writing, but your portfolio should include blog posts, case studies, news releases, and articles. 
  2. Display Digital Proficiency 
    • You need to be able to conduct online research efficiently, understand search engine optimization, show proficiency with tools that monitor and measure online communications, create and manage an email campaign, build a spreadsheet in Google Docs or Excel, and perform simple video editing.
  3. Showcase Leadership Skills
    • Employers are looking for recent graduates who can demonstrate a level of leadership and common sense. They want to know that you can be trusted with tasks that call for judgment or leadership.
  4. Highlight Creative Problem-Solving Abilities
    • This is a process that involves identifying a goal or objective, gathering information, clarifying the problem that you are trying to solve, generating ideas, building a solution, identifying how results will be measured, and then creating the plan of action for its implementation.
  5. Demonstrate Ability To Translate Technical Information
    • You become extremely valuable to an organization when you can demonstrate your ability to work with technology experts and translate information you get from them into language the client or manager can understand.

These are all great tips. Do you have any tips that you would add to the list?

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Cheers to the Post-Grad PR Life!



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