Learning a New Language: Spanish Edition

r-HARD-SPEAKING-SPANISH-large570Since the 8th grade I’ve had a love-hate-love relationship with the Spanish language. It was in this grade that I took my first spanish class and fell in love with the language and the concept of being able to speak two languages. Since that time I’ve been on a mission to become fluent in Spanish. 

In high school I took every Spanish class available and in college I took a year’s worth, but having to take mandatory classes I couldn’t squeeze anymore into my schedule. In order to remain knowledgeable about the language to get closer to being bilingual it’s important that I keep practices. How do you keep practicing a foreign language on your own?

Here are my tips (substitute spanish for the language you are learning): 

  • Watch television and films in spanish
  • Read spanish books, magazines and websites in spanish
  • Access free learning resources online
  • Find a friend or language companion
  • Purchase Rosetta Stone
  • Practice writing in the language and speak as often as you can in that language
  • Travel to a country where the language is spoken
    • Vacation
    • Volunteer
  • Shop at local spanish markets
  • Change your television and other electronic settings to spanish
  • Be confident and optimistic
  • Listen to music in spanish
  • Have fun and practice for short periods each day instead of cramming it all in on the weekends

There are a lot of great resources out there, but the challenge for me has always been finding ways to consistently practice when I’m living in an English-speaking environment. 

I will be fluent in spanish very soon!

What language would you like to learn?


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