Brandy Gives Make Up Artist, BeatFaceHoney, Her Dream Job Thanks to Social Media

Screen-Shot-2013-03-05-at-8.32.02-PMI came across a very powerful, inspiring story that wouldn’t have happened without social media. Basically, Philadelphia make up artist Beat Face Honey caught the attention of singer Brandy and ended up becoming her make up artist.

BeatFaceHoney aka Tatiana is a popular YouTuber. She urged her subscribers and followers to keep contacting Brandy on Twitter and Instagram urging her to let BeatFaceHoney do her make up the next time she was in Philadelphia. Through the power of social media, Brandy brought the local make up artist on. That moment not only changed Tatiana’s life, but was a dream come true.

Take a look at this interview to hear first hand how Tatiana used social media to get Brandy’s attention.


Here is the YouTube she posted urging her fans to contact Brandy on her behalf.


The lesson is to use social media to your advantage. You never know when a tweet or a video or a Instagram picture can change your life for the better. I encourage you to also read this heartfelt note BeatFaceHoney sent to a popular blogger to cover the story (media pitching anyone?)

Have you used social media to advance your career?


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