Is the Peace Corps in My Future?

PeaceCorpsLogoI’ve been thinking about the Peace Corps for a few months now. As I write this I’m trying to remember how the idea of even looking into the Peace Corps came into my life. I’m at a lost, but I do know that I’m considering applying in the future.

Joining is a major commitment. You have to make about a 27 month commitment which means you will have to volunteer/work in a foreign country for  that amount of time. Doing this doesn’t mean you will never see your family or friends. It is almost like moving to a new city, but you would most likely have to get on a plane to be with your family. There are tons of locations and different jobs. As a Peace Corps member you are basically a resident of that city. You are paid the average salary and you work everyday. 

Reasons why I’m considering:

  • Giving back and being a world humanitarian
  • To live in a foreign country
  • To learn or perfect a second language (hopefully spanish)
  • To make a difference in the lives of others
  • To live life in a space of service to others and the world
  • Finally, it sounds fun, educational and adventurous

Being a Peace Corps Volunteer will give me the opportunity to “Live, Learn and work with a community overseas.”

Don’t be surprised if I one day announce that I’ve received my Peace Corps assignment and will be spending the next 27 months in a new country.

This is the volunteer video that explains more about the program:

What do you think of the idea of joining the Peace Corps or a similar organization? 


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