The Post-Grad PR Life: 10 Ways To Continue Your PR Education On A Budget

education-3I was introduced to an article titled ‘Lean Learning: 10 Ways To Continue Your Public Relations Education On A Budget. The article is a couple of years old, but all of tips are very relevant for today.

All Post-Grad’s regardless of education level should find ways to enhance their learning: formally and/or informally. After reading the 10 ways to do this on a budget I’m committed to making sure I remain a student for life.

Here are the 10 ways to continue your PR education on a budget:

  1. Seek out free Webinars
  2. Take a class at your local community college
  3. Attend an event or conference that allows you to learn and network
  4. Find a mentor
  5. Conduct an informational interview
  6. Read industry journals
  7. Give your library card a workout
  8. Volunteer
  9. Join Twitter if you are not already a member
  10. Read up on award-winning case studies

I do a lot of these on the list already, but I really want to do more volunteering and find a mentor. You can read the full article here.

Which of the 10 ways to continue your PR education do you need to work on?

To learn more about my experiences, connect with me onĀ LinkedIn.

Cheers to the Post-Grad PR Life!


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