The Post-Grad PR Life – Importance of an Online Presence

online-presence-managementThroughout college I was always told that it is important to have a clean and organized online presence. At first I didn’t know what an online presence even meant, but now I feel like I’m in the know on one of the things I have control over: My online reputation.

Simply put, your online presence is how a lot of the world will be introduced to you. For me that means keeping my LinkedIn page updated, tweeting often, blogging, updating my portfolio with relevant writing samples, and the always important search engine test of your name. 

Another advantage to having an established online presence is that it makes you more interesting to potential employers or clients.

Tip: I suggest you go through all social media and blog sites and join them using your name. This doesn’t mean you have to be active on all of these sites, but in the future it will be good to have your naming rights.

My Online Presence Includes: 

Personal Website: I have a personal website that houses links to the sites that I want the world to associate with my name and brand/reputation. There are many such sites, but I’ve chosen to use It’s very simple and easy to manage and it gets the job done. 

LinkedIn: I’ve made sure to connect with the appropriate people, join the right groups and share articles related to my industry. Most importantly, I have a completed profile including a summary.

Blog: You are reading it! I try to update as often as possible and mostly its about public relations, but at times I stray and share things that give more insight into who I am. 

Portfolio/Writing Samples: I have my writing samples on my blog and I’ve provided links to my writing samples.

Twitter: I make sure to tweet, but am sure to be aware that I don’t send wrong message. I tweet links to articles, my everyday life, what I’m watching and am into at the moment and comment on other tweets. Be sure to use hashtags, but no more than three per tweet. Follow me:  @DavidRJolly

Search Engine: I typed my name into search engines and am happy with the results. I suggest you do the same to be sure that you are happy with the results.

Now that you know about my online presence practices, what do you include in your professional online presence?

Cheers to the Post-Grad PR Life!



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