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Play-by-plays are as vital to the Super Bowl’s soundtrack as the cheering crowds and the sounds of sports fans wolfing down wings. But adding to the noise, more than ever, are the millions of viewers who put down the chips and dip, break out their phones and give Twitter commentary of their own. Americans tweeted about this year’s Super Bowl nearly twice as much as they did last year, according to Twitter’s own analytics, and if there’s one nugget of truth to gleam from all that data, it’s this: Forget the Ravens, the real world champion here is Beyoncé.

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Of the more than 24.1 million tweets about the Super Bowl on Sunday — and that’s not including tweets about any of the Super Bowl’s commercials — 5.5 million were about Beyoncé and her near-flawless halftime show. That…

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Kerry Washington Gives a Powerful Speech

Working in PR sometimes call for writing speeches on someones behalf or even delivering a speech in front of thousands of people. Actress and Activist, Kerry Washington delivered a very powerful speech at the 2013 NAACP Image Awards.

Start from the 5:40 mark and tell me your thoughts…. 

It was such a “scandal” last week (not to me… Beyoncé is great!), but this is how to take full advantage of a press conference.


Beyoncé threw shade on all her haters by singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” live at a Super Bowl press event Thursday — proving without a doubt that she actually can sing. Not that she needed to.

The Grammy-award-winning artist hadn’t publicly addressed her Jan. 21 performance of the National Anthem at President Obama’s second inauguration, which press reports speculated had been lip-synched. Last week, a representative for the United States Marine Band told CNN and other media outlets that Beyoncé had pretended to sing along with a prerecorded track.

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“Any questions?” the singer asked the crowd at the New Orleans Convention Center after she totally killed the song.

Beyoncé went on to confirm that she had in fact used a backing track on the Washington Mall on Jan. 21. “I am a perfectionist,” Beyoncé said.

“And one thing about…

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It was such a “scandal” last week (not to me… Beyoncé is great!), but this is how to take full advantage of a press conference.