Multicultural Marketing: Survive or Fail

After reading a recent ADWEEK article one question lingered in my mind; In the future, will brands be able to survive and remain relevant and successful without having a multicultural approach to its public relations, marketing, and advertising campaigns?

I personally believe that the answer is NO. If brands do not begin to incorporate diversity into its strategy now, then consumers are going to begin to look for brands that represent them. It is important for brands to begin to do this now because waiting to the final hour and jumping on the diversity band wagon will be dishonest and easily seen as a ploy to keep customers.

Instead, if it is implemented now then it will give the brand more time to find a system that works best and by the time when the minorities of today are the majority of tomorrow, the brand won’t be scrambling to make a quick, uncalculated fix.

Listen up brands: Begin to think about your multicultural consumers and how you are going to target them NOW!

What do you think, can a brand have success in the future without a multicultural component?



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