Justin Bieber “Publicity Stunt”

So, this past week I was reading different headlines saying that there are inappropriate pictures of Justin Bieber leaked online. Then today, I learn that they are calling it all a “Publicity Stunt.” I don’t buy it. He personally tweeted from his account that his computer and pictures were stolen at a concert. That is a LIE. All of this “publicity” led to a release of a new music video.

Get the back story here: http://www.gossipcop.com/justin-bieber-beauty-and-a-beat-video-nicki-minaj-watch-vevo-youtube-publicity-stunt/

I would not call this a publicity stunt, it is more of a joke border line lie on the public. Please do not peg this a publicity stunt! 

What do you think, is this a PR stunt?


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