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Are You an Instagram Violator?

Are you using Instagram right or wrong? After watching the video tell me how you are using the social media site….


Justin Bieber “Publicity Stunt”

So, this past week I was reading different headlines saying that there are inappropriate pictures of Justin Bieber leaked online. Then today, I learn that they are calling it all a “Publicity Stunt.” I don’t buy it. He personally tweeted from his account that his computer and pictures were stolen at a concert. That is a LIE. All of this “publicity” led to a release of a new music video.

Get the back story here:

I would not call this a publicity stunt, it is more of a joke border line lie on the public. Please do not peg this a publicity stunt! 

What do you think, is this a PR stunt?

Stuff PR People Say

This is so funny!

American Airlines Seat Crisis

As I watch the news, for the second day in the row its being reported that seats on its planes are breaking free during mid-flight and causing chaos and danger to passengers. Then today, it is being reported that landing gear has failed and a plane had to do an emergency landing. This is all on top of its current labor disputes with its employees. My question is, where is American Airlines in all of this?

Has AA made a good enough effort to reach its loyal passengers and those who have upcoming flights with the airline and for those considering using the airline to take a future trip?

The most that I have heard from AA is that they are of course inspecting the seats, but that this is not a deliberate act of disgruntled employees. I’ve been following this story and decided to find what else the company is doing to reach its public… Not much!

Website: I went to its website and its business as usual. There is no mention or acknowledgement of the issue or of what the company is doing to fix it. This would be a great location for the airline to have a statement notifying its customers that it is still safe to fly with them and that they are handling the problem. The newsroom does not have any details about the current crisis. Fail.

Social Media: Again, all of its social media is business as usual. No mention or response to all of the negative press that it has been receiving. Not even a tweet to reassure passengers that they are still a safe airline.

My Verdict: It seems like AA is allowing everyone to talk about the company without engaging in the conversation. It would have been smart for the company to get ahead of the story and inform and reassure the public, but it seems to me that they are ignoring the problem or are not making an effort to reach its customers. Try harder to communicate with your customers next time!