Kardashian Sisters Wall Street Journal Interview (Video)

This is a smart branding move:

  • Be interviewed by a respected business publications 
  • Have the title under your name read; Celebrity Entrepreneur
  • Talk business and that is it
  • Get people to stop saying “you are famous for being famous” and “have no talent”
  • Leave the rest to your Oprah interview

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3 responses to “Kardashian Sisters Wall Street Journal Interview (Video)”

  1. yoakleypr says :

    Even though I don’t use any of their products, I believe that the Kardashians do a very good job of keeping themselves in the news, obtaining news placements and keeping the public talking about them. Rarely do I ever see any mention of their clothing and cologne line(?) outside of their show, but the sales must be going well if they are still able to discuss their business.

    (Found you via LinkedIn)

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