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Kardashian Sisters Wall Street Journal Interview (Video)

This is a smart branding move:

  • Be interviewed by a respected business publications 
  • Have the title under your name read; Celebrity Entrepreneur
  • Talk business and that is it
  • Get people to stop saying “you are famous for being famous” and “have no talent”
  • Leave the rest to your Oprah interview

Oprah and the Kardashians

By now you all have heard that Oprah interviewed the Kardashians.  A lot of people said it was a bad thing or that Oprah is just looking for ratings… I say it was a smart PR move!

Here is why:

  • The Kardashians are very popular and having them on your show/network will only bring viewers who have never tuned in to your channel to watch.
  • With their massive social media presence, on tweet between the three sisters will reach close to 30,000 million people. 
  • TV is all about ratings and because Oprah is so smart she knew having the Kardashians on OWN will draw ratings and publicity.  
  • The two-hour interview gives Oprah/OWN commercial time to promote the other shows on the network.
  • Oprah can do what she wants…. It’s her network!

I know that some may disagree, but I think it was a smart move and I’m looking forward to hour two this coming Sunday.