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Terrell Owens Minus 2 Publicist

Date: 2/07/2012

Situation: Yesterday I read an article about Terrell Owens aka T.O. in which he discussed his split from his two best friends/Publicist, Mo and Kita. I do not follow football, but I did watch his reality show and thought the three of them would remain friends forever. T.O has been in the news a lot lately for his child support case and being absent from football. There is a lot a as to what is next for him.

I have decided to step up to the plate and give a few words of PR advice that may help his career.

Immediate PR Action:

  • T.O. is featured in the film ‘Dysfunctional Friends’ that was released in New York and Los Angeles this past weekend. This is not the first time that the footballer has stepped into the role of character. He made a guest appearance on an off-Broadway play for one night.
    • While he is still in limbo with football he should began to take his acting more seriously. He should enroll in acting classes and hire an acting coach. Then this will lead to him going down the path of eventually having an agent (maybe a manager).
    • He needs to start going on auditions and using his connections to land roles and take the craft of acting as a career.
    • He needs to audition for television shows where he can be cast as characters that are unrelated to who he is in real life.  
    • In the meantime he needs to sign with a modeling agency, (‘Next Model Agency’ under its Talent division).
  • T.O., I believe wants to be a personality. He has the energy and spunk to do it, but it’s going to take the right medium to be a success at this. Again he is going to need an agent and Publicist to help. It is going to take for T.O. to sit down and really focus in on what he loves.
    • He can begin doing sports commentating on ESPN or on a new online sports news/commentating show.
    • I think he lives in Florida and getting his own Radio Show would be a great way for him to share his personality with listeners.
  • The T.O. show featured the dynamic between him and his two best friends. Since they are no longer speaking, he needs to rework his contract and change the direction of the show. He needs to work out a deal to do two seasons while he gets back on his feet both professionally and financially and after the two seasons with a lot of hard work he needs to say goodbye to reality television.
    • His new reality show will feature him and only him as he begins to put the pieces back together after a rough 2011 and beginning 2012. The show can follow him, but it needs to focus more on his career and less on his personal life.
  • His image is taking quite the hit and that needs to be fixed.
    • T.O. needs to find a church home and begin going every Sunday.
    • He needs to face reality and begin to downsize his lifestyle. He needs to pick a  city to live and only have a house there. Although, reports state that he doesn’t live to much of a lavish lifestyle.
    • He has been talking to the media, but he needs to stop. Especially without a PR team/person by his side. It was great that he cleared up information about his child support cases and friendships, but that is enough. He has nothing else to talk about unless he is promoting a project or returning to the NFL.
    • If he is serious about returning to football he needs to be realistic and give it a time frame of happening. If it doesn’t happen by that date it is definitely time to move on and begin another career.
    • Volunteering is very important. he can give money, but being hands on is so much better.  

Overall he seems to be a good guy, but just needs people in his life that he can trust and take his career to the next level.

I’m wishing him all the best!