Archive | December 2011

Lesson: Kardashian Trademarks

As I reading an article on TMZ about the Kardashian I was reminded of a very important branding lesson: Incorporate yourself and trademarks are crucial.

The sisters all have the unique corporations that handle all of their trademarks. 

  • Kourtney: 2Die4Kourt Inc.
  • Kim: KimsaPrincess Inc.
  • KhloMoney Inc.

Other members of the Kardashian family have just as cool corporation names to match their fun personalities. 


  1. When working with a new artist it is smart to have them incorporate themselves as a business.
  2.  Use TradeMarkia and check to see if their name is already trademarked, if not then have them pay for the trademark so they can begin to brand their name as a business.